"Digital Technologies - New Opportunities for Cancer Patient"

In our Bureau, any patient can receive a unique service - scanning of all histological preparations with entering information on an electronic medium (USB flash drive, removable disk, DVD).

Scanning of histological preparations is a new technology that makes it possible to "photograph" the entire histological preparation at high optical resolution in a special device - the Histological Scanner.

The Bureau uses the best developed apparatus to date -  Pannoramic 250 Flash II, which has received many prestigious awards and recognition from pathologists around the world.


For a better understanding of the technology, let's say a few words about how a histological examination is carried out.

In all cases, a tissue sample taken from a patient goes through several stages of processing with chemical reagents and then immersed in paraffin - a block is formed (a piece of paraffin with tissue immersed in it). It is from these blocks using special equipment (microtomes) that very thin sections are cut onto histological slides, stained with various colors, IHC reactions are placed on them and cytogenetic studies (FISH, SISH) are carried out.

In a routine examination, the doctor examines histological slides under a microscope, after which they are stored in the archive for 25 years. Unfortunately, now there are no technologies that ensure long-term storage of glass without its aging - already in the first years, irreversible changes in glass begin - its cracking, clouding, delamination, sticking. All these effects exclude their repeated study. For a cancer patient, such revisions are vital and can be repeated many times during the entire period of treatment and even after it has ended years later. Moreover, we are talking about glass - and, as you know, it is a fragile material and often breaks.

To solve these problems, glasses can be scanned.

What does it give the patient and his doctor?

  • the ability to store exact electronic copies of drugs on an indefinite basis;

  • you can not request your drugs in the pathology department  for revisions - you will have an exact copy on hand;

  • any doctor, even without a microscope, can "open" your glasses on a computer screen in excellent quality;

  • You can send the electronic media to any laboratory in the world or send its contents by e-mail.

In our bureau, you can order scanning and recording of your preparations, regardless of where the histological preparations are made. Please note that the scanning process takes from several hours to 1 day; You must have a flash drive of at least 16 GB with you.

For all questions of histoscanning in the office, you can:

- contact by phone (391) 228-07-47 (Khorzhevsky Vladimir Alekseevich)

- apply directly to the office at: st. Partizan Zheleznyak 3 "D" during working hours:  Khorzhevsky Vladimir Alekseevich.