Basis for effective therapy and accurate diagnosis


The Bureau conducts the whole range of immunohistochemical studies. The laboratory of immunohistochemical studies has more than 200 monoclonal antibodies in its arsenal, which makes it one of the largest Russian centers in this field.


The IHC laboratory has been operating since 2006. IHC laboratory doctors have the highest qualifications and extensive experience in diagnosing oncological diseases.  All reagents have Registration certificates.


Diagnosis is carried out using

modern equipment (Ventana, Thermo, Dako) that excludes error.


The equipment allows you to get reliable reactions in the shortest possible time using closed protocols and standardized technologies.

The preparations obtained as a result provide the highest quality of morphological diagnostics.


Currently, the IHC method is the standard for diagnosing an oncological patient. The range of indications for carrying out is extremely diverse and includes, in particular:

  • Differential diagnosis of oncohematological diseases

  • Determination of the primary tumor focus by metastasis

  • Making an accurate diagnosis in case of a tumor of unknown origin

  • Assessment of the malignant potential of the tumor

  • Determination of the characteristics of the tumor for the appointment of specific therapy, which is especially important for tumors of the breast and blood tumors.

Very often, on the basis of immunohistochemical studies, the diagnosis changes dramatically, which may be the reason for the correction of therapy or even its cancellation.

For all questions regarding the activities of the IHC laboratory, we are waiting for your requests in the "ask a question" section or during business hours by calling the IHC laboratory: 8-923-274-3784 

Head of the Laboratory of IHC Research

Vershinin Igor Viktorovich