Anti-corruption policy, policy  privacy and the Regulation on the protection of personal data of employees 

Privacy Policy

Regulations on the work of the anti-corruption commission

Order No. 25-ORG dated February 15, 2018  "On anti-corruption activities"

Regulations on the processing, protection and storage of personal data of employees of KGBUZ KKPAB

Conflict of Interest Statement

Order No. 29-ORG dated February 26, 2018 "On anti-corruption activities"


Plan of organizational measures for 2020

Note to staff and patients

Report on the implementation of the plan of organizational measures for 2020

Anti-corruption policy

Order 26-ORG dated 05.11.2015 "On anti-corruption activities"

Federal Law of December 25, 2008 No. 273-FZ
"On Combating Corruption"

Regulations on the helpline

Plan of organizational measures for 2021

Code of Ethics