A cytological study is the shortest morphological study, which allows with a high accuracy of reliability  make a whole range of diagnoses or conduct a primary study to identify patients at risk.

Cytological examination involves the study of material obtained by puncture with a thin needle, blood, body fluids. Often this type of study is primary, allowing you to determine further tactics in relation to the patient. This method is most widely used in gynecology, when a gynecologist takes a smear from the cervix.

In routine practice, the material to be examined is applied directly to the glass, which, together with the referral, is sent by the doctor for examination. In the department of the Bureau, such glass is stained with special dyes - more often it is stained with hematoxylin-eosin, according to May-Grunwald, etc. The cytological method is simple to perform and has a high information content. It should be emphasized that this method is not an alternative to histological examination, but rather allows you to give additional (often unique) characteristics of cells that are not available for histological examination. 

Cytological studies have been carried out in the Bureau almost from the day of its establishment. In the department of clinical and laboratory diagnostics  employs specialists with a high level of training and qualifications, with a long work experience in pathological anatomy. The bulk of the study (more than 400  000 cases per year) takes place in the Department of Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics, headed by a pathologist of the highest qualification category - Nina Sergeevna Rodchenko, awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Health Worker". (link to personal page).

At present, the Bureau is beginning to introduce a new method of "Liquid Cytology", which allows obtaining very high quality preparations. This method is high-tech and the most effective for diagnosing precancerous and neoplastic diseases of the cervix. On the territory of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the implementation of such a research method is implemented exclusively in our Bureau.

In the near future, it is planned to master the immunocytochemical study of preparations obtained by liquid cytology, which will become an important component in the detection of cases of cervical pathology with a high oncogenic potential (high probability of developing a malignant process).

For questions regarding the organization of a cytological study in the Conditions of the Bureau, please call (391) 228-07-47 (Khorzhevsky Vladimir Alekseevich) during working hours.

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